Gosh, nothing more I like than dominating a conversation to thrust my thoughts on everyone else and yet, there is nothing I hate more then describing myself. Why? Because I don’t I fit any traditional labels. In the short, I am a biracial woman, married to a caring (and crazy) Englishman. We currently live in the Washington D.C. metro area. But I AM so much more then that! The long of the story is in fact that my mother is African-American with some Cree & Cherokee Indian and Irish mixed in. My father is German-American, with some English introduced by way of my grandmother.

O I bet you think this is all rather boring, I mean aren’t we all a little mixed up? Isn’t all of our DNA blended from the generations before. I agree completely (me nodding) but I wonder how many of you are stopped on the street, asked something in a strange language with the complete assumption that you speak said mother tongue? Only to have to say back that you are not culturally enlightened because you only speak English and haven’t a clue what they are saying (all the while smiling, painfully).

I am *EASILY* mistaken for so many different ethnic groups that I used to feel embarrassed and frustrated, now I find it flattering. I have been asked if I am:
Aboriginal (although I think the guy was just trying to hit on me)
Native American
Middle Eastern (Iran, Libya)
Pilipino/Asian (another one I am suspect about)

I have just entered my 30’s and for some reason this has brought so much to my life. Stability, home ownership and thoughts about what’s next? Lately, I find my mind wondering towards thoughts of parenthood and if this doesn’t seem like a big deal, well it so is for us. After nearly 9 years of marriage this is a huge transition. BUT you will soon realize that I am not a rusher, I am a planner and just because we are talking about it doesn’t mean it will happen anytime soon. As a result, I decided to start this blog to express these and other constant ramblings in my head. I like discussing politics, even though I am terrible at it and my mother always said not too. Ditto for religion (but I am better at expressing my wacky thoughts on this topic (at least I think so). But I am most interested in people, particularly the relationships we develop, the connections we make and the opinions we form. I have spent a lot of time thinking about my background and what it means; to me, to others and so on. I have a large circle of ethnically and culturally rich friends. I suppose I look at the blog as a way for me to express the things I never seem to be able to say out loud. A way to connect with others whom I can learn from and I hope can learn from me. And to realize that underneath the skin, we really have so few differences.

If I do or say anything that you think is offensive (not just stupid, because I can say a lot of silly things), please bear in mind it is not my intention to offend you. All I can say is I make mistakes too. So, please be nice and I hope you enjoy this slice of my life.

So, let the sharing begin!