Now What?

Well I just found out that my company is allowing some of us to telecommute! Yippee!!! 3 whole days at home, alone to get things done and it gets me away from the office. I am SO happy about this. I have been looking for a change for a while now. I have grown discontented with the way things were going at work. And honestly I was getting bored. It just wasn’t fun or interesting anymore, hard work on top of hard work.

This summer things only got worse after a promotion I had been promised actually forced me to apply and compete with outsiders of the company. An ordeal that lasted 3 months…and then I was told that “Congrats! and o’ by the way, we just weren’t able to find any viable candidates so we were happy to give it to you…probably for less money because we can.”

Needless to say I was peeved, I had been working on that promotion for a year! I was more than qualified and had recently completed the appropriate certification. I made a big transition from writing documentation to project management. I love this new area within IT but it is intense. And right now, I am still doing my old job while they try to find a “viable” candidate for that position. HA

Before they announced this new ‘perk,’ I had seriously been trying to plan my exit strategy. I was trying to rationalize it by saying I wanted to wait until my current mega project had happily rolled out. The project is sadly looking like it will be delayed past the December implementation.

It’s funny I don’t know why I feel like I am at such a crossroads. I had been thinking about moving to another job, one where I could make easily $25k+ more. I am seriously trying to decide what is the best path. Do I stay at a place, where I don’t respect the upper management including my boss, who failed me and I feel wasn’t forthcoming with the truth that he obviously had. The place that requires only 37.5 hours/week, where our health care is paid 100% by the company and we only ever pay a co-pay, where we get 4 weeks vacation and 3 weeks sick leave, 10% in retirement, and have our own offices, where talking business on IM is normal…and now telecommuting 3 days a week. To move to a place that will pay loads more (a prerequisite or why bother) but potentially have longer hours and maybe an even crappy work environment? Did I mention in only work 15 minutes from home?

OH what a dilemma! I bet you’re thinking that I am just scared, use to my cozy, stable setting. NO! I have no problem picking up and moving jobs…I have moved from DC to the west coast and back again having no job and no place to live…so starting over has never been an issue before. I don’t know why this is so much harder. Hubby and I have talked about moving back to England in a few years and I am fine with that…so why does this interim move seem so…hard?