Too Obsessive For My Own Good

I spent almost all day on my computer. Resting my back, which has been nice…but all day. I felt like I was at work, sitting here surfing the net. For what u ask? We have decided to go away this coming weekend, a short 3-day weekend to Ocean City. Nothing special just time out of the house, a time to separate ourselves from the everyday mediocrity.

So, I spent all-day looking for hotels…searching and searching, reading reviews and more searching. Then I moved on to things to do, where to eat and so on. I haven’t been there since I was in high school and Bozo has never been there.

I am proud that I did all this in a single day. Normally, I would have spent a lot more time, perhaps even a week’s worth of time and well in advance. Why do I have to take so long, and read every piece of information? I don’t know, I am cheap but want to go or do something nice and fun. But it is more than that, its because I am a total control freak. Relax? That will be the day. I think I will let Bozo plan the next trip. He is so low-key and what research he does is minimal or so it appears. He prefers to discover a place.

Somehow doing all that research never seems to satisfy me. I have the info, but I fret over whether we will have a good time. I am sure we will but, I want for once to just not plan…to be risky. What do you do when planning a trip?