A Weekend Away

O to be off…what a blessing. And to be going away, a true treasure!

BozoBoy and I leisurely spent Friday getting ready, dragging around the house, catching up on tv we had taped. Eventually, we start edging our way towards the door and thus the car ride.

The car ride was uneventful and actually quiet and calm. It took us about 3 hours to actually make it to Ocean City. It has been nearly 15 years since I have been to Ocean City and I had never actually stayed in the city. I camped at Assateague Island . So, my memories of the area were foggy. BozoBoy had never been.

We arrived at our hotel and were immediately disappointed. What had been marked as an oceanview room wasn’t really and the hotel was back from the beach somewhat. We were close to the beach and the boardwalk. Our room was less than pleasing but overall…we were just happy to be away. Out of the reach of work (no internet connection) made things so much nicer. We spent time walking the entire boardwalk and then some (3rd to 35th street). Not much was open as a lot had already closed for the season. The food wasn’t the greatest, could just be the places we tried but we came back not feeling entirely great. We drove over to Assateague State Park and we were fortunate to see several deer and one wild pony, that was a definite highlight. The beaches were very clean and looked inviting if not for the 50 degree weather. It had warmed by the time we decided to leave. We headed north and drove through Bethany, Dewey and Rehobeth before heading back across the Bay Bridge towards home.

All in all, although we probably would not go back again (and if we did we would try to stay at the Dunes), it was just so nice to get away.

I felt so much better when we got home. I had let go of much of the unhappiness I had been feeling. Too bad it didn’t last…

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