1 Routine I Can’t Master

I started the week off so promising. I don’t know what it is about when I have days off…I just do not get on the treadmill. I desperately want to lose about 15 pounds. Frankly, I would be happy to lose 20-25 but I will settle for any loss at the moment. I have been working to get consistent on the treadmill we bought in September and I just haven’t yet been successful. I am very tired of carrying around this carry-on luggage. It’s not a lot but it is just enough to make my clothes uncomfortable and me to not entirely feel myself. Granted I’ve had this extra weight now for more than a few years. After I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism that’s when I started storing extra fat cells. I don’t diet because food is not my problem. I need more regular exercise this I know…but when will I get my routine down and when will I see results. We are planning a trip in Feb to the Caribbean and I would really like to lose a few pounds before that. Let’s hope I can get it together and at least get on the treadmill more than 2x a week. It’s funny, Ms. Anal just can’t get this routine down.

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