Emotions Holding Me Back

We had a home visit from 2 little sisters today, very cute tabby cats. We have been discussing getting Fatty a new companion for nearly a year now. And yesterday they were here visiting with us. They are ours if we want them in a week. They still need to get their shots and be spayed.

I have mixed feelings about having more cats. I really enjoyed them yesterday and they definitely seem spirited. And yet at the same time I am not entirely sure I want other cats running around. Fatty seems somewhat contented to be the center of attention and he is now more or less trained. The idea of taking on new kitties, well I just don’t know.

I know much of my hesitation is due in part to Madam passing away last year. She was very much my kitty, my baby if you will and I took it rather hard. I still miss her. Although, I know we will never replace her I still find myself yearning for her personality. I had thought of getting another pedigree cat but the expense is a bit prohibitive. And last week when I responded to the ad I decided that it should be about Fatty having some friends around, not about my silly insecurities. I suppose I am being more selective, snotty if you will but I wish I wasn’t.

Our minds are pretty made up. BozoBoy is game for just about any new critters. I know this is the right thing to do and it will just take time to adjust to the change. Even I am disturbed by my ambivalence. Should I take them or should I maintain the status quo? I have a week to decide…

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