Winter’s Day

A nice start to winter:
Fake tree decked out in living room.
Presents wrapped under the tree.
Kitties attacked and break their first bulb.
House now has security lights hooked up.
Soon outside evergreen tree will be light up too.

Pots & Pans

I need new pots and pans. Besides the fact that they are constantly falling apart and requiring the handles to be tightened some have burned bottoms that aren’t getting any better. I had heard a few rumors about various styles of pots and that some are better for your health than others. After doing some research, primarily from an article in the Green Guide, I have it down to the following companies:

All-Clad Stainless Steel with Aluminum Cores
Le Creuset (enameled cast iron skillet)
Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

I already have a few cast iron pans. I like them but I don’t use them often. They are all frying pans so I will need to invest in some actual pots. If you have any of these brands let me know what you think.

2 Weeks Off

I am off for 2 weeks. Well not actually off but I don’t have to go back to the office until after the New Year. My project has been delayed until I return. I am happy about that. Now I will go and contemplate what I will do with all that time off, in between doing some real work too.


I got a strange email last week. It was from an old beau, my first grown-up beau. I haven’t seen or heard or even thought about in over 11 years. It was kinda weird. I emailed back and he called. Caught up. It was awkward. Now it is over and I can let this small blip pass over me. Isn’t strange how some relationships we have seem to resonate at that given moment in time. Even if they don’t end the way we had hoped at the time in hindsight it just seems so right. That trying to glance back and look forward with that person just seems so wrong. I am thankful everyday for the loving relationship I have with BozoBoy. It just keeps getting better and better. And today, that was reinforced. I love u BozoBoy!

Prez Condi?

I keep reading and hearing buzz about Condi running in the next presidential race. There seems more talk about her as VP but I am sure nothing is set in stone. So, what are your thoughts about her? What about Mrs. New York? I hear she is putting her hat in the ring as the next leader as well.

I have to say I am quite inspired, not the candidates per se, but the idea that there may actually be a woman is these long male-led positions.

I am the first to admit that I am liberal and somewhat a bleeding heart. Yet, I am not registered with any particular party. I believe we need to focus more education, public health and humanitarian efforts. I would like to see a candidate who will offer real solutions to our internal problems. I don’t vote party lines, I vote for an individual whose idealogies are the same or close to my own.

At this moment, I know for sure I wouldn’t choose Condi. There is just something about her…I can’t get behind. I can’t even say I would vote for Hilary, I would need to know more about her goals. The last election I had hoped that McCain and Dean would hook-up. I know crazy! But they seem to portray honesty and realism, something that seems so lacking in this city. I always think how great it would be to have a mixed Pres & VP.

Do I feel guilty for not selecting the black or female candidate? No. Is having a female or minority candidate something that could influence my decision? Absolutely. I can never escape what I am…a woman, a minority and an American. Thank God I am afforded the freedom to exercise my choices.

My Screwed Up Thoughts

There seems to be a lot of discussion about immigration. I am will be the first to say that I don’t have it all figured out. And that I probably have some ideas that others may disagree with, but they are my opinions and I am certainly not a politician just a voter. So, what are my ideas?

  • The INS needs to be restructured. Having firsthand knowledge of this pathetic institution I can vote for that. It took BozoBoy and I 5 years to get through the process, just to even have our interview so that he could get his 10-year green card. This process should not take so long. I don’t know what they are doing at that agency but it needs re-work.
  • My opinion is that illegal immigrants should not be able to get a drivers license. I think they should have to go through the formal process of applying for resident alien status just like other legal immigrants. Unless this process is a stepping-stone to formal immigration status. A driver’s license is a basic right that you are afforded as a contributing member of our society. It is a doorway to many avenues, as a legal source of identification. Yes, I understand that undocumented aliens are here and that they are filling a gap in our employment structure. Doing jobs that others won’t and not making much money. I am not saying they should be thrown out, I believe that you should be offered the opportunities to better yourself, the same that were offered to others who came before. But do I think that should include providing medical assistance to illegal immigrants? No, we aren’t even doing that for the people we have currently. I admit I do think we should do some backyard cleaning before we offer to have a party in it.
  • Do I think that babies born to undocumented aliens are America? Yes, I do. A child born on this soil is an American. Don’t ask me to explain this…just one of those crazy principals.
  • Finally, could my mind be changed? Of course, if someone came up with a detailed plan, that addressed my concerns or most of them would I be willing to change my position. Maybe. I don’t have the answers but I sure would like to have a real discussion about the options.

Cultural Entitlement Attitude

Watch out, I am on ranting rampage.

I am quite fed-up with this general American attitude that I now see daily that exerts this idea that “I deserve everything and if I don’t get it it’s because they won’t give it/let me have it.” Everywhere I turn I get this sense of entitlement. Are we turning into a culture of entitlement, expecting others to do for us without returning the favor?

Far to often these days when I hold the door for someone they just continue through without even saying thank you. Even if I say after them, “sure, no problem,” they turn looking perplexed. HELLO! a simple thank you or please is all I’m asking for?

Even eating out or shopping has become tedious. Often I find that wait staff or sales clerks aren’t that interested in helping me. They could really care less. I am not asking for more than I would offer, a smile a hello, assistance if I have a question. Not a huff or sneer or roll of the eyes.

This leads me to my next observation. It is not surprising that our young people are quickly adopting these negative characteristics. Honestly, I am saddened by what I see as complacency in kids today. The general disrespect that I would never have exercised as a child is typical from kids you pass in the mall. I often feel embarrassed when I make new friends from outside the U.S. who have recently moved here. They are so overwhelmed by the wealth in this country and the unlimited possibilities available to them. And this cultural entitlement is growing and visible everywhere you look.

I know there is no easy solution, especially when our government and corporate leaders set poor examples and consistently display apathy and disregard at staggering numbers. I am just so pissed about it. I work hard and I admit I have expectations that I accomplish certain goals, but I don’t blame others or expect things to happen without a little sweat. America is an ideal, something that some have forgotten, with tremendous blessings it bestows on us daily. So, why are we all so blame drive? Where has our gratitude for the opportunities we are afforded every day?