December Brings Happiness

December brings one of my favorite times of year, the Christmas holiday. I love the decorations, lights, festivities, holiday songs, and general happier attitude of people. I have only just bought my Christmas cards and have yet to sit down and compose the newsletter that shall accompany them but today I am less stressed about that than I was a few days ago.

I suppose for me I get caught up in the fond memories I have of Christmas. Christmas was always a fun time at my house, with less focus on the amount of things or whether I actually got what I asked for. As a child gifts were a true celebration and mom never failed. I felt like the most blessed kid on the block. I loved the lead up to the holiday, the time off from school, the cold wind nipping at my ears as a constant reminder of fun things to come, and the Advent calendar that was scratch and sniff that seemed to slumber during the ensuing months. I enjoyed decorating the tree with handmade ornaments, wrapping the tinsel around after we had put the lights on…and then of course waking up and like magic wonderful gifts appeared under the tree. I could go on and on.

The first year we were married, grandma sent us most of the Christmas ornaments she had as well as a few new ones. That was the first Christmas holiday that mother and daughter had ever spent apart and remains the only one in 31 years. So, now we pull out our 4-foot plastic tree and take all my childhood ornaments and decorate the tree. We have hung lights throughout the living and dining room, with the few presents waiting to be wrapped and tucked under it.

I am saddened by all the commercialization that has taken over Christmas and every other holiday. Too much goes into “getting things” for Christmas and mostly I try hard to ignore it. I do enjoy buying the odd gift for BozoBoy and Grandma but I no longer go overboard. Now we celebrate sensibly. I suppose the older I get the less important it is to have frivolous stuff. But I still anticipate Christmas morning with butterflies and excitement, which makes me feel like a kid all over again. At Christmas I think of it as a renewal of the kid in me, recognizing those closest to my heart and thinking of those less fortunate I. As the days pass and Christmas nears, my excitement will grow as will my general happiness. I hope yours does too.