Cultural Entitlement Attitude

Watch out, I am on ranting rampage.

I am quite fed-up with this general American attitude that I now see daily that exerts this idea that “I deserve everything and if I don’t get it it’s because they won’t give it/let me have it.” Everywhere I turn I get this sense of entitlement. Are we turning into a culture of entitlement, expecting others to do for us without returning the favor?

Far to often these days when I hold the door for someone they just continue through without even saying thank you. Even if I say after them, “sure, no problem,” they turn looking perplexed. HELLO! a simple thank you or please is all I’m asking for?

Even eating out or shopping has become tedious. Often I find that wait staff or sales clerks aren’t that interested in helping me. They could really care less. I am not asking for more than I would offer, a smile a hello, assistance if I have a question. Not a huff or sneer or roll of the eyes.

This leads me to my next observation. It is not surprising that our young people are quickly adopting these negative characteristics. Honestly, I am saddened by what I see as complacency in kids today. The general disrespect that I would never have exercised as a child is typical from kids you pass in the mall. I often feel embarrassed when I make new friends from outside the U.S. who have recently moved here. They are so overwhelmed by the wealth in this country and the unlimited possibilities available to them. And this cultural entitlement is growing and visible everywhere you look.

I know there is no easy solution, especially when our government and corporate leaders set poor examples and consistently display apathy and disregard at staggering numbers. I am just so pissed about it. I work hard and I admit I have expectations that I accomplish certain goals, but I don’t blame others or expect things to happen without a little sweat. America is an ideal, something that some have forgotten, with tremendous blessings it bestows on us daily. So, why are we all so blame drive? Where has our gratitude for the opportunities we are afforded every day?