My Screwed Up Thoughts

There seems to be a lot of discussion about immigration. I am will be the first to say that I don’t have it all figured out. And that I probably have some ideas that others may disagree with, but they are my opinions and I am certainly not a politician just a voter. So, what are my ideas?

  • The INS needs to be restructured. Having firsthand knowledge of this pathetic institution I can vote for that. It took BozoBoy and I 5 years to get through the process, just to even have our interview so that he could get his 10-year green card. This process should not take so long. I don’t know what they are doing at that agency but it needs re-work.
  • My opinion is that illegal immigrants should not be able to get a drivers license. I think they should have to go through the formal process of applying for resident alien status just like other legal immigrants. Unless this process is a stepping-stone to formal immigration status. A driver’s license is a basic right that you are afforded as a contributing member of our society. It is a doorway to many avenues, as a legal source of identification. Yes, I understand that undocumented aliens are here and that they are filling a gap in our employment structure. Doing jobs that others won’t and not making much money. I am not saying they should be thrown out, I believe that you should be offered the opportunities to better yourself, the same that were offered to others who came before. But do I think that should include providing medical assistance to illegal immigrants? No, we aren’t even doing that for the people we have currently. I admit I do think we should do some backyard cleaning before we offer to have a party in it.
  • Do I think that babies born to undocumented aliens are America? Yes, I do. A child born on this soil is an American. Don’t ask me to explain this…just one of those crazy principals.
  • Finally, could my mind be changed? Of course, if someone came up with a detailed plan, that addressed my concerns or most of them would I be willing to change my position. Maybe. I don’t have the answers but I sure would like to have a real discussion about the options.

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