Prez Condi?

I keep reading and hearing buzz about Condi running in the next presidential race. There seems more talk about her as VP but I am sure nothing is set in stone. So, what are your thoughts about her? What about Mrs. New York? I hear she is putting her hat in the ring as the next leader as well.

I have to say I am quite inspired, not the candidates per se, but the idea that there may actually be a woman is these long male-led positions.

I am the first to admit that I am liberal and somewhat a bleeding heart. Yet, I am not registered with any particular party. I believe we need to focus more education, public health and humanitarian efforts. I would like to see a candidate who will offer real solutions to our internal problems. I don’t vote party lines, I vote for an individual whose idealogies are the same or close to my own.

At this moment, I know for sure I wouldn’t choose Condi. There is just something about her…I can’t get behind. I can’t even say I would vote for Hilary, I would need to know more about her goals. The last election I had hoped that McCain and Dean would hook-up. I know crazy! But they seem to portray honesty and realism, something that seems so lacking in this city. I always think how great it would be to have a mixed Pres & VP.

Do I feel guilty for not selecting the black or female candidate? No. Is having a female or minority candidate something that could influence my decision? Absolutely. I can never escape what I am…a woman, a minority and an American. Thank God I am afforded the freedom to exercise my choices.

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