Perfect Day

Sleeping. Crocheting. Reading. Relaxing. Snuggling. What a fun day!

Riga, one of our kitties is in Heat. The first time for both of us. She is crying, running around in pain. Time to schedule that spaying. I hope we make it through the night. Crazy kitty.


So, today is exactly 1 month since I last blogged. I feel pretty awful about this and yet at the same time it was a nice break. I was very busy over the holidays. I actually have some posts written from last month, which you may see popping up. I hope they are interesting and fill in some of the holes from December.

Today also marks the launch of the application implementation I was managing. How fitting that it happened on Friday the 13th. I couldn’t have scheduled it better.

Thank U Gifts

So, my project is finished. As a thank you to my team, I have decided to give one of them a gift basket. But not any gift basket. I have gotten each a gift set of natural and organic body & bath products. Additionally, I am adding non-toxic household cleaners and some other natural products. I hope they enjoy them. I wanted to give something unique, something I thought they might use and something that might help them on a path better living. I won’t have them finished until next week as I am still waiting for some items to arrive. I will update with a photo and a list of the items next week.


I did cross stitch! I am very excited. BozoBoy’s mum gave me a small child’s pattern years ago when I showed interest in the amazing work she and my sister-in-law did. Last night I started it. As it turns out it was quite easy and mentally relaxing. I will have it finished in no time.

I also decided to crochet a blanket for my friend who is due in June. I finally got a pattern I like and away we go. I figure I will have it done in about 3 weeks if I keep it up. The material is that typical baby trio of colors. It has been at least 5 years since I have even attempted any crocheting projects. I am still a novice. I plan on purchasing a book soon that demonstrates the stitches. I need to visually see them to learn them. Reading them does me no good.

All this crocheting is making me feel more maternal. Not sure how I feel about that.

No Party For Me

Work had postponed our December holiday party this year due to weather. It is today! We will have a boring all-hands meeting to start and then a nice luncheon with games and prizes. Then an early release and everyone will be off home. I will not be attending, I will be spending my day in the office doing the work of other departments too lazy to take responsibility for their own data. I am taking one for the team. All my team members will be at the party. I don’t want them stuck at work too, especially after working the weekend. As it turns out, I wasn’t alone, my boss and our boss the VP came and helped. We finished most of the work by 2pm but I stayed and helped out until 5. The pain is easing. We are good to go! A few more hoops and we will be home free.

Getting It Done!

I am still working on getting this application finished. To day is D-day! We finished our migration and tomorrow we have to complete our manual migration. Today I stayed to help get more shit done for this. I am on my hands and knees praying we get this finished. I hope we get a big bonus! Money would at least allow me a small celebration.

6 Hours at Work

I hate work! I hate my job! I had to go in today. I spent 6 hours doing NOTHING! I was just there to make sure my team was available to the vendor to get their application working before Monday! This was not fun. Smoke is fuming from ears.