Second Act

It has been SO long, but what can I say! My crazy mind (a.k.a ANAL RETENTIVE, perfectionist wannabe) has been getting in my way. Every time I think of something or blogging it becomes something more than it should. It should be fun and relaxing, not work or a “to do” task. But since it is has been on my mind lately I was thinking of giving it another go. I have been inspired by others in blogland and have an itch to write.

Much has happened in the last year or so that I have missed having an outlet. So, the site is under-going a revamp and I hope it doesn’t stay this f’d up for long…(no guarantee though, one of my bathrooms has been half-painted (with the blue tape still up) for the last year). Now having said that I will not be around for another month. No vacation for 1 year + postponed 10th anniversary celebration = 4-week trip to Europe (London->Nice->Rome->Florence->Venice->Zurich->Paris)!

When I return I will share interesting tales of my trip, grad school, new job prospects, hubby, and mom living with us for the last year. I’ve missed you, I hope we can kindle/rekindle our friendship.