Saw this yard in our neighborhood and thought it was cute. Our street had no sidewalks so we haven’t ever gotten trick o’ treaters. I have to check out other people’s yards these days.

Halloween Yard

Return From Far Far Away

Hello internet world. I have returned from vacation! Although, I enjoyed my month off, traveling around Europe I am quite happy to be home. Eating out and living out of a suitcase was getting a bit old. We had a fabulous time and made it to 7 different destinations (London, Nice, Rome, Florence/Pisa, Venice, Zurich, and Paris). I had never been to Italy or Switzerland so that was especially nice. I LOVED Venice and disliked Rome. In the end we must have taken nearly 4000 photographs. When I have time I will put some up.

I am happy to say we didn’t break the bank either. We spent money of course, and with the daily reports about the dollar’s value against the Euro and the Pound we certainly were being a bit more conservative than we might have been on other trips. But overall we spent what we wanted and not on silly things and still managed to have loads of fun.

Two funny stories that came out the trip are below.

#1: Checking in online is a breeze as long as you are not “flagged.”
After not being able to check-in online and phoning an operator who was not able to give us a good reason, we decided to head to the airport early. Upon arrival, the nice Indian man at the counter as we proceed to check-in, glances at his computer and then peers out over his glasses and says, “Sir, you are on the Watch List.” In between his smirks and raised eyebrows your could see his eyes were rolling with laughter, he heads off to take care of that for BozoBoy. Of all people to be on a watch list BozoBoy is the last person I could imagine. And yes I fall into the American trap of racial profiling! I would have thought I would have been “targeted” before BozoBoy. I am sure that the BA agent was thinking the same thing and that is why he was doing his best to keep his composure. We have yet to determine what the “Watch List” is or what it means to be on it, and how it is even remotely possible for BozoBoy to be on it. This was all a good lead up to Crazy Lisa our seat mate for 7 hours, who proceeded to share her life story in-between her frequent trips to the bathroom…

#2: A hotel room made for blind rats…
The evening that BozoBoy’s family arrived at our hotel in Nice we came upon Goldilocks and baby bear’s room. BozoBoy’s mum discovered an unmade bed and untidy bathroom. After speaking with the front desk, we found they were booked up and offered to book her in at another nearby hotel. It was close to 1 a.m. and so we gave her our room and headed off to this other hotel. When we arrived the attendant was quite adamant that it there should only be 1 person in the room, he reluctantly gave us the key. Unsuspectingly we open the door, only to reveal khaki colored corduroy wallpaper, 1 double bed and 1 twin bed outfitted with the ugliest patchwork quilts I have every seen, peeling blue paint and green shag carpet. We were taken aback and a little uncertain about whether we should complain or deal with it. We decided to take it. And so we began by trying to pass the darkness of night by lying on top of the comforters, afraid to peel them back. The room had no heat and you couldn’t turn off the air conditioner. If I had know I was going to be freezing all night, I would have dressed for the occasion. We both were wide awake, tormented by the thought that the attendant would be up to evict one of us at any minute. As the night carried on, hysterical laughter began to erupt from my lips. I turned to BozoBoy who had cocooned himself with the edges of the comforter (did I mention we were still fully clothed, shoes and all). I decide to head to the bathroom to warm-up…turning up the shower to get a bit of heat. There wasn’t any HOT water. In the end we only lasted until 6 a.m. and when we tried to get out, the DOORS WERE LOCKED! While I fumbled with the lock the attendant showed up and began harassing us for having 2 people in a single! We threw the door open and ran. That was the most hideous place I have every stayed.