Death Convos

The other day BozoBoy was in to get a physical and was referred to a cardiologist as a follow-up. Everything turned out fine but we wound up talking about if something happened to one of us. This was not our first conversation on this topic but as the time passes it seems to get harder and harder to have…the thoughts just are enough to bring tears to the eyes. A friend of ours wife passed away in the spring after battling with cancer for 2 years. It was a long, difficult situation for him, his daughter and their extended family. I bring him up because BozoBoy said he just didn’t know how he would go on if anything happened to me, it was very sweet and although I felt great I certainly would want him to find happiness and love again. But I bring up this friend because he is now engaged. Now although I think it was rather quick, what do I know. I hope he is happy.I suppose we never know how we are going to react, we can attempt to predict but until confronted with it you just never know.

We also spoke about the importance that we understand each others wishes. I am confident that BozoBoy knows that I would not want to be kept alive artificially and more importantly I want to be cremated. Just as I know his final wishes. But nowadays I don’t think this is good enough, you need to have a will. This conversation extends beyond just your spouse too. You should let your family know what your wishes are even if they disapprove. My mom has heard me say my wishes before but I am not sure she has actually registered them…and I have no clue what hers are. I often feel that we are on a skating rink but she is swirling around making figure eights and I am trapped on the edges holding onto the wall. Now that things seem to be settling down for her, I will make it a point in the next week to ask her, maybe even get her to do a will.

Do you have a living will?
For those interested I found a great book on DIY wills. It is a good place to start.