Paris Inspired

So, what do you think of this outfit? I picked up the coat and pants at Zara in Galleries Lafayette when we were in Paris. I now love that store, pity I can’t shop online but I did find a location in Georgetown. Now just need to get down there. I especially liked the style and jackets. This jacket, made of corduroy fits me great. I am larger in the bust that makes it difficult to wear some styles of suit jackets. Also I have my tricycle tire that doesn’t help when trying to find flattering tops. The pants are nice too as they sit below my waist slightly, which makes them especially comfortable but they are also flattering. In these pants I actually have a bum! I would have bought a lot more but they seemed sold out on some sizes. Funny thing is in every place we went on vacation, I saw 1 out of 4 people carrying Zara bags and must have passed at least 5 stores before Paris. AND Galleries Lafayette is like any department store, they have collections so if it wasn’t for the fact I wandered to this section I may have missed out entirely.

P.S. Picked the scarf up in Venice.

Zara Outfitted

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