At a Loss: Braids Cause Hair Loss

I just don’t have words, feel terrible for the little girl but I think the writer makes some sweeping statements, which I disagree with. Never have had braids, so I can’t comment specifically.

I still consider myself a hair virgin. I haven’t ever dyed it or done anything to dramatic until recently. My hair is reminiscent of 70’s Diana Ross. It was always very long, naturally curly and very thick (could sit on it until I was 11, when mom cut off 18″ it still hung around my shoulders). I recall begging my mom to get beads when she had them done. She laughed and said we don’t have that kind of time. I didn’t cut it again until my late 20’s. I had it relaxed for the first time ever in January. I think with any style you apply to your hair even ponytails have the potential to do damage to your locks.