Shower Therapy

I love taking showers. I love baths more but a nice hot shower in the morning is generally all I can squeeze in. I use that shower time for real mental therapy…I decide what I am going to wear*, what things around the house I need to do before I leave and prioritizing what has to get done at the office. I think up things I want to blog about, sometimes write entire short stories in my head or simply imagine I have a new day to start over and do things better than yesterday. That is time well spent even if my butt starts aching from the stool I’m sitting on. Much better than washing dishes when I all I can think about is how I hate washing dishes.

What typically mundane act have you reinvented for your own personal mind therapy?

*I have bad clothes days where I will try on every possible outfit combination and nothing looks good. Fortunately, these days seem less and less frequent but they stillĀ  exist.