Green Computers, somebody is studying this?

When I glanced at this report I was disappointed that Apple fell towards the bottom. I love Apple products.
Some of my Apple goodies
I started contemplating how information like this may or may not influence my shopping decisions. For the most part, I would say they haven’t had much impact. I try to develop my own opinions about a retailer. I make decisions based on my own needs. My criteria usually depends on if I like what I am getting, they have good quality products, and are reasonably priced.

So, if I am not an easily influenced consumer, what does this say about me? All the other “good environmental” things I do, are they still valuable or worth it? Gosh I hope so. I will still do them. But asking me to apply pressure by choosing to opt-out of patronizing certain businesses…I am not sure I am yet that committed to the cause. These types of issues just don’t seem as black and white and clear cut as that.

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