Rude People

I have a cold starting and so I head over to CVS. As I am waiting in line a queue of 4 people forms behind me. Only 1 lane is open. The cashier runs out of cash and calls to the back for the manager to come up. The male specimen at the end of the line shouts, “DAMN, they only got 1 register open. These people sure aren’t overworking themselves.” I get to the counter and he has the NERVE to come up and reaches down to get some candy from in front of the counter. But he is entering my 18 meters and I’m about to introduce him to my knee. I start getting twitchy like that when you get too close to my neither regions.  I give him the look of death he steps back to the end of the line.

Here is what I didn’t say to you because I am polite but “DUMB A**, say excuse me and I will be happy to move! Or just wait your damn turn until they get to you. I know that it would have been nice to have more people at the register but come’on you too old to not have the simple manners down.”

I have become one of those people that if I hold the door for you and you don’t say thank you…I will let you know.