What’s your commute like?

Mine is rather predictable. It takes about 20 minutes and that is when it is busy. I can usually get to the office in 15. I only use back or local roads, never having to adventure on 495 or 270.

I carpool with BozoBoy, we work about 2 miles apart, which is great. We enjoy the time together. And as crazy as our schedules get we still manage to survive with only 1 MINI (;~)) car. We’ve been a 1-car family for the last 2 years but this is nothing new. In the past 11 years we have been a 2-car family only a total of 3.5 years. We don’t set out to be a 1-car family, just seems to end up that way and I have to admit it works well for us. I don’t have a hybrid and yes our car could be classified as a sports car…but with only 21,000 miles over 3.5 years and fill-ups occurring only once every 2 weeks I think we are doing the right thing for us. If we have kids we may have to rethink our car choice…but I wonder since folks overseas seem to manage in small vehicles.


I love my car! But on our recent vacation I fell in love with a new car…a BMW 1 Series. I know nothing about it but I loved the look of it. If we did buy another car I would consider this. Pity it isn’t coming to the states.

BMW 1 Series