My Love Affair

I have ended my love affair, that is my love affair with cookbooks and recipes. I have in my possession at least 40+ cookbooks and that doesn’t include the loose recipes or magazines I collect and hold onto because something interesting caught my eye. I love to cook. I like the idea of making something for someone else that they will enjoy and relish. A tasty morsel that will linger on another person’s mind or taste buds. I can cook off the cuff but when I really want to do something special I use recipes as guides. Sometimes I follow them to the letter other times not.

When I cook, often I don’t even taste my own creations. This is especially true if it is any meaty dish other than fish. I don’t eat meat but that doesn’t mean I can’t cook up something scrumptious for others. This weekend I decided to cook up a storm. I don’t know why, especially with Thanksgiving right around the corner. After making several large dishes, which are happily stowed in my freezer I decided to vet my overstuffed cookbook bookcase. But before I could do that I had to thumb thru the dozen or so cookbooks I got from the library. I set out with new rules and new attitudes. If I knew I wouldn’t try the recipe in the next 2 weeks I wouldn’t bother keeping it. This worked well for the borrowed books. Only 3 were worthy keepers. One on Chinese cooking, another on fish and lastly entertaining suggestions. I even limited myself to no more than 6 recipes from each book.

Next onto the the loose recipes. I happily whittled these down from 400 to less than 70. These seem to make up the bulk of my everyday cooking ideas and inspirations.  I was on a roll, next I quickly discarded the Eating Well, Food & Wine and Vegetarian Times magazines after reviewing the dogeared pages. In the end only a few items were kept.

Here I sit only half elated. I am now looking at my books…and seriously wondering if I should give them away. Some I haven’t opened in years and still a few I have never even used. This will be the harder task and I will leave it until tomorrow when I hope sleep will recharge my bunny battery.

My love affair with cookbooks is officially over. Although, I still have several cooking magazine subscriptions I will remember my rules before ripping out any more trophies. And today I vow to not purchase another cookbook!  Excuse me now while I modify my Amazon Wishlist.