Reading Again

I’ve been thinking about reading, about the reading I do or don’t do as the case may be. There is just so much information available around us these days that honestly, I find it overwhelming. I love the access we have to anything. Just google it! But I really like to digest the information I read. We read a ton of magazines (especially since we get so many free now and then I get recycled ones from friends). I have over 50 waiting to be read. I like to look up information from the magazines I read that is why it takes me so long to them. Luckily, I have been getting through them a bit faster reading while on the treadmill I am able to finish at least 1.

Curious what magazines I read?
Black Enterprise
Organic Style
Natural Health
Experience Life
Conde Nast Traveler
National Geographic Traveler
Real Simple…that’s not all but enough you to get an idea.

Although, both BozoBoy and I are avid readers, for the last few years our reading of books had fallen to the wayside. I can read a book a week if I put my mind to it and I have the time. BozoBoy on the other hand can power read a book in a day. And he has gotten back into reading and is reading us out of space. We already need a new bookcase as the 4 we have now are packed. I am glad that he has gotten back into reading though. He seems much happier with this more relaxing hobby.

Every weekend I read the book section in the paper and make a list, which I add to my “Big Book List.” The big book list is a list of books I would like to read. Most are new books and I generally try to get them from the library. Pro: It doesn’t cost me a thing. Con: I have the book for only a limited amount of time. Often I am too ambitious, checking out more books than I could realistically read in a given period, but I am working on pacing myself.

Although, I know I can’t keep up with BozoBoy, I am glad this desire to read more has been ignited in me. Now if I could only make a dent in the list of 200 items I have on the list. I am a great fan of Jane Austen. I am a real romantic (sap) at heart and although I am a realist when I read I want to escape. I want to retreat into something remote and fantastic. But the older I get I find that I am more interested in reading non-fiction work. I know this stems from my desire to write a fictional memoir someday…but that is another story.

So, what are you reading?