Green Computers, somebody is studying this?

When I glanced at this report I was disappointed that Apple fell towards the bottom. I love Apple products.
Some of my Apple goodies
I started contemplating how information like this may or may not influence my shopping decisions. For the most part, I would say they haven’t had much impact. I try to develop my own opinions about a retailer. I make decisions based on my own needs. My criteria usually depends on if I like what I am getting, they have good quality products, and are reasonably priced.

So, if I am not an easily influenced consumer, what does this say about me? All the other “good environmental” things I do, are they still valuable or worth it? Gosh I hope so. I will still do them. But asking me to apply pressure by choosing to opt-out of patronizing certain businesses…I am not sure I am yet that committed to the cause. These types of issues just don’t seem as black and white and clear cut as that.

At a Loss: Braids Cause Hair Loss

I just don’t have words, feel terrible for the little girl but I think the writer makes some sweeping statements, which I disagree with. Never have had braids, so I can’t comment specifically.

I still consider myself a hair virgin. I haven’t ever dyed it or done anything to dramatic until recently. My hair is reminiscent of 70’s Diana Ross. It was always very long, naturally curly and very thick (could sit on it until I was 11, when mom cut off 18″ it still hung around my shoulders). I recall begging my mom to get beads when she had them done. She laughed and said we don’t have that kind of time. I didn’t cut it again until my late 20’s. I had it relaxed for the first time ever in January. I think with any style you apply to your hair even ponytails have the potential to do damage to your locks.


Today just a few links to a few unique gifts, BozoBoy spotted for me. I really could use the mittens though.

Heated Bra? But I have to wonder will this really help with those high heating costs? What will they do for our male counterparts?

Heated mittens

If you have not already heard about the production of $100 computers that do not rely upon electricity to work and are being offered to help schools in developing countries, please be sure to check out the prototypes. 4 countries (Egypt, Thailand, Brazil, and Nigeria) have been selected for the first wave of computers. The countries must purchase at least 1 million but I am hoping the benefits will outweigh the cost burden.