Songs(s) of the Day

I got an iPhone! It was a gift and I love it. I am not a big gadget girl but I know what I like and what I don’t. I love Apple products and although I wasn’t looking for a new phone this is great. Love the fact that I can have an all in one, phone, PDA and iPod and the neat scroll and zoom features are a bonus.

Now at when I’m in the office and not in meetings I spend my time listening to music (at home I do the same thing but I directly access a hard drive, which has tons to choose from). At the moment, I am a little limited by the selection available because our music is on an older apple computer (which doesn’t register the iPhone) and we are working on migrating it to a newer machine(count 6 days/80 GB if we go over the network so we are investigating other options)…

Anyways I thought I would start posting music I am listening to on any given day. I like just about all kinds of music, I am not into what I like to characterize as extremes, e.g., I don’t have much country (does Lyle Lovett count?) or heavy metal (ok so I have a few cd’s, like Collective Soul but I will blame these on BozoBoy) or rap (again BozoBoy takes the brunt). I especially like world music (~5000 songs) and Christmas songs (~700 ). I like folk, bluegrass, pop, reggae, rock, alternative, classical, jazz and R&B. I am first to admit I don’t keep up on the latest music though. I spend about 15 minutes 2x a week listening to the radio and that is my only exposure. I got an iTunes gift card and and spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to find artists that I might like and that are new and fresh.

This week here are some artists I have been listening too…
Beyonce -Irreplaceable
India.Arie – Heart of the Matter/Private Party
Gipsy Kings
Africa (Putumayo Presents)
Asian Groove
Marc Cohen
Sarah McLachlan – Wintersong