Sticky Situation

So, I seem to be in a bit of a pickle. There is a long back story which I won’t get into now but at work we are in the midst of ‘selecting’ a new mid-level manager for our team. There is someone on our team who has applied for the job as well as 2 outside candidates that were advanced to group interviews with the team. I have known the inside candidate for almost 5 years, I consider him a friend but not a close friend. I feel that given his age he acts too much like a little boy than a grown man.

I had spoken with him amount the position a few times before and as much as I would like to be 100% supportive I have my doubts. I expressed some of these to him but not all my concerns. I had 2 reasons for this. 1. I thought I would have found a new job by the time all this BS rolled around and could have cowardly skipped out. 2. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings and not sure he would have really listened and heard me.

Today, we conducted the group interviews. The other 2 candidates were just better in my opinion. I don’t know them from Adam but they carried themselves well, were well spoken and projected a level of experience and leadership that internal-boy lacked.

Tomorrow we have our team debrief, less the candidates involved…I suspect several of the team will go with him because it’s easier, keeps the status quo or he’s their buddy. I plan to bring up 3 pivotal points which I believe he is deficient in:
1. Leadership Experience
2. Demonstrated Initiative
3. Customer-Focused Attitude

Now 1 and 3 I think can be learned and developed but 2…he has had opportunities to demonstrate initiative but hasn’t on numerous occasions. This is problematic and I think systematic of the deficiencies he shows as a leader and the way he goes about handling our customers (most of whom are internal). Also, I am a bit tainted by the comments he made to me in confidence that he thinks he deserves the job and is entitled to it. The manager we have now is Wonderful!

Dilemma: Should I call him and tell him my take or just leave it until the meeting tomorrow and tell him after. I suspect that someone will leak it and there is more than a realistic chance he will get it based on other’s comments and majority and so on. I have conveyed some of this to him but today helped solidify the issues for me. How would you go about handling this prickly situation?

1 thing I should add is that this person is a mental and physical drain on me…I am not necessarily concerned about the repercussions this may have on the friendship. I am concerned that if I have to stay longer than planned will I have a good manager.


So, today is exactly 1 month since I last blogged. I feel pretty awful about this and yet at the same time it was a nice break. I was very busy over the holidays. I actually have some posts written from last month, which you may see popping up. I hope they are interesting and fill in some of the holes from December.

Today also marks the launch of the application implementation I was managing. How fitting that it happened on Friday the 13th. I couldn’t have scheduled it better.

Thank U Gifts

So, my project is finished. As a thank you to my team, I have decided to give one of them a gift basket. But not any gift basket. I have gotten each a gift set of natural and organic body & bath products. Additionally, I am adding non-toxic household cleaners and some other natural products. I hope they enjoy them. I wanted to give something unique, something I thought they might use and something that might help them on a path better living. I won’t have them finished until next week as I am still waiting for some items to arrive. I will update with a photo and a list of the items next week.

No Party For Me

Work had postponed our December holiday party this year due to weather. It is today! We will have a boring all-hands meeting to start and then a nice luncheon with games and prizes. Then an early release and everyone will be off home. I will not be attending, I will be spending my day in the office doing the work of other departments too lazy to take responsibility for their own data. I am taking one for the team. All my team members will be at the party. I don’t want them stuck at work too, especially after working the weekend. As it turns out, I wasn’t alone, my boss and our boss the VP came and helped. We finished most of the work by 2pm but I stayed and helped out until 5. The pain is easing. We are good to go! A few more hoops and we will be home free.

Getting It Done!

I am still working on getting this application finished. To day is D-day! We finished our migration and tomorrow we have to complete our manual migration. Today I stayed to help get more shit done for this. I am on my hands and knees praying we get this finished. I hope we get a big bonus! Money would at least allow me a small celebration.

6 Hours at Work

I hate work! I hate my job! I had to go in today. I spent 6 hours doing NOTHING! I was just there to make sure my team was available to the vendor to get their application working before Monday! This was not fun. Smoke is fuming from ears.

2 Weeks Off

I am off for 2 weeks. Well not actually off but I don’t have to go back to the office until after the New Year. My project has been delayed until I return. I am happy about that. Now I will go and contemplate what I will do with all that time off, in between doing some real work too.

Home Again

I started telecommuting today! I thought I might actually be able to concentrate and get some of those lost projects accomplished with the time I was going to be at home. Of course not! I am busy on email and the phone putting out wildfires that just keep spreading. I am sure things will taper off somewhat once we have more of a routine down and my project launches. Boy I can’t wait for that.

We did manage to get the printer that was supplied as part of the equipment working with our airport and our Macs, this was the highlight of my day.

But really no complaints. How can I complain when I can roll out of bed boot up a few laptops and start my day? I don’t have to shower, can get a cuppa anytime I want and be in my own house. This really is nice.

It’s Really Happening

Today, we met to discuss the telecommuting program and review the equipment we will be supplied. I was surprised when I saw that not only were we being given a laptop but they were throwing in flat screen monitor, laserjet printer, and a wireless keyboard and mouse. WOW. I suppose they are really commuted to this project. One department has already started and in 2 weeks we will begin too. I am not sure I will take all the equipment yet. I like my mac and rally only suffer the PC at work. We shall see…but to get to my machine at work, I will need to use the laptop.

I have to say after reviewing the schedule and realizing how little I would actually be in the office I decided that this would help ease some of the stress I have been under lately. Having worked from home before I know I am far more productive and far happier. Of course, I don’t think this has changed my mind about leaving, but it does make it a bit more tolerable. The schedule for December is crazy, it is swayed so much in my favor because of the holidays. But I was very happy when I saw it.

Everything now seems to be a wait and see…wait and see how working from home goes…wait and see if any more interesting opportunities present themselves…what and see what the new year holds.

I am starting to get excited, for what I haven’t a clue, I just have a feeling…something good is only around the next corner.

Turning a Corner

Well I did it! I sent my resume for a job, the first time in nearly 3 years. It was quite an endeavor. I haven’t really looked at my resume in some time and preparing it with new duties and they revamping the cover letter and references took a bit longer than I thought. Mind you, I am constantly helping friends with improving their resumes so it wasn’t that I was out of practice but rather I am far more critical when it comes to my own. I have to admit I would be surprised if I did hear back about the job. I mean it is exactly what I would want to do…head of special projects at a university but I am not entirely sure I am experienced enough.

So, cross your fingers and say a little prayer…perhaps I will be called for an interview. I usually do well on those and that would at least make this process of transition seem more real.