Our Newest Additions

Our newest additions are adjusting to our home nicely. They are still in quarantine as we continue to apply medicine to their ringworm. I have decided to introduce you to them though. Click here to see a pic. Cairo is on the left, our warm golden girl and Riga, our silvery loving babe is on the right. They are both quite small still the picture doesn’t do their size justice. They are both about 5 pounds. Hopefully, this weekend they will make their debut into the rest of the house. I am a bit nervous about this. Besides the fact that they may still be contagious (we are getting a black light this weekend to check it out ourselves. You can use this to see if their fur glows green, this means they still have contagion.) but I am a little nervouse about our sofas, the Christmas tree, furniture, books…I have lived so long with Fatty and he is relatively behaved I am just a little apprehensive. I will get over it…eventually :~).